Since November 2017, Hasina has been courageously sharing her story with mainstream media outlets and popular podcast series as way to effectively raise awareness not only about bisexual people of colour, but also queer people of colour.

A common theme in all of her interviews and published articles is showing people an example of real human being who is thriving in life and happens to bisexual person of colour. Hasina leads by example and shows others how to push past barriers thrown at her from society, her ethnic community and her religion. Her sexual orientation doesn’t define her and doesn’t hold her back in life.

Some notable highlights from her press coverage includes:

  • Being published in 4 mainstream media publications during Edmonton Pride Week in June 2018 including one cover story;
  • Featured on the Rising She Tribe Podcast series which features purpose driven woman to 5000 members around the world in March 2018; and
  • Being published in Curve Magazine, North America’s best selling magazine for bisexual and lesbian women in November 2017.

Her media coverage is making a profound impact in communities across Canada. For example, Canadian Muslims who identify as LGBTQ2 said they appreciate seeing someone like them and hearing about how another individual successfully embrace their sexual orientation. Other heterosexual individuals from communities of colour have said thank you for being brave and sharing your story at a time when the issue is so taboo in communities of colour.