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At a time when the LGBTQ2+ community is not even acknowledged in her former religion, Hasina uses her voice to ignite change.

Hasina uses her own lived experience to talk about topics that no one talks about, but leave bisexual people of colour and LGBTQ2+ people of colour suffering in silence. Between October 2018 to June 2019, she’s given 7 speaking engagements of which 3 she was sought out directly by her clients.  From a captivating keynote address to an audience of 600 plus people to small intimate events of 30 people, she leaves a lasting impact on her audience.

LGBTQ2+ people of colour attending her talks are ecstatic to finally see someone like them who understands their complex struggles and is thriving in life. Heterosexuals attending her talks leave with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a bisexual person of colour in a world that teaches people to conform rather then being themselves.

Testimonials from clients

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Glynnis Lieb

Executive Director, Executive Director, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services at the University of Alberta
Hasina has been able to articulate her experiences and respond to adversity with grace and strength. She is a role model for the many youth and adults who - like she once did - believed they are the only ones who are not heterosexual until they found validation and acceptance through their encounters with her. Hasina is filling a huge void for the LGBTQ2S+ community right now; she is giving voice and legitimacy to our Muslim members. Without her, so many people would continue existing in shame and loneliness. She is an essential voice in Alberta right now and we need many more to follow her lead. People's lives depend on it.
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Michelle Anderson

Vice President Internal, Sexuality and Gender Advocacy Committee, School of Medicine, University of Alberta
Hasina demonstrated preparedness, eloquence, and an excellent ability to connect with the audience. She also made space for the nuances of intersectional identities within her talk while maintaining a necessary level of accessibility to the core messages and themes presented.

Areas of Expertise

  • How to be yourself when you have multiple conflicting identities such as sexual orientation, country of residence, religion and ethnic community
  • Moving past experiences of biphobia, homophobia and other forms of discrimination
  • Bisexual people of colour with a focus on the South Asian community
  • Religion and homosexuality with an emphasis on the Ismaili Muslim faith
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Knowledge for family members on how to embrace their loved one’s bisexuality along with strategies of support
  • Complexities of embracing one’s sexual orientation through different stages of life
  • Issues facing LGBTQ2+ people of colour community with an emphasis on bisexuality
  • Intersection of health (mental, physical and emotional) and sexual orientation
  • Keynote addresses
  • Panel discussions
  • Webinars
  • Welcome or closing remarks
  • Workshop
  • How to build allyship with black and brown LGBTQIA+ groups and communities

Panel discussion at Human Rights Conference in New York on June 24, 2019

Length: 90 minute

About event: I was sought out to be part of the panel session by the organizers. The conference is a premier international event in honour of 50 years since the StoneWall riots, an uprising that ignited a global movement for LGBTQ2+ rights. Other speakers include activists such as Janet Mock, artists, educators, journalists, policymakers, students, and others engaged in LGBTQIA+ human rights around the world.

  • Spirituality and Identities

Panel discussion at Inclusive Health Conference 2019 on March 16, 2019

Length: 60 minutes

About event: The conference is organized by University of Alberta medical students to address gaps in the curriculum related to LGBTQ2+ health for medical students, practicing physicians and surgeons, residents, community members, and allied health professionals.

  • Hasina’s journey from self-discovery to advocacy

Human Library at Strathcona County Library  Pride Week

Participant in Edmonton on October 4, 2018

Length: three 60 minute sessions

About event: An event in honour of Strathcona County’s first Pride week celebrations where I engaged in 1-1 conversations with residents on my journey of embracing my sexual orientation.

  • A tale of resilience in being who you are: Hasina’s story

Keynote speaker at University of Alberta’s Pride Week on March 14, 2019

Length: 60 minute interactive session

About event: An event held in honour of Pride Week at the University of Alberta. Because the organizers really liked my keynote address at the 2018 Alberta GSA (Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Alliances Conference), they hired me for a second speaking engagement.

  • Level up your GSA Game

Keynote speaker at the 7th annual Alberta GSA (Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Alliances) Conference in Edmonton on November 7, 2018

Length: 30 minutes

About event: Due to my advocacy work, I was sought out to be the keynote speaker for an audience of over 600 students, educators and community leaders in the province of Alberta.

  • Human Library at University of Alberta School of Medicine and Dentistry

Participant in Edmonton on October 4, 2018

Length: three 60 minute sessions

About event: An opportunity to share my experience of stigma and discrimination and how it impacted my health to second year medical students who are future leaders of society.


When you book Hasina, she will create customized content based on the needs of your organization and/or community group.