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Bridging the gap between LGBTQ2S+ people of colour and heterosexuals.

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Hasina Juma
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Hasina Juma

At a time when the LGBTQ2+ community is not even acknowledged in her former religion (Ismaili Muslim) and is gaining credibility in her ethnic community (South Asian), she uses her voice to ignite bold change.

Her ultimate goal is helping keep families together by creating common understanding. She bridges the gap  by:  giving legitimacy to LGBTQ2+ people of colour by sharing her lived experience;  and providing knowledge to heterosexuals who don’t understand their LGBTQ2+ loved ones experiences and wish to create a deeper connection.

Her followers find her work as honest, insightful, inspiring and thought-provoking! Image by Carmen Bachez.


Services catered to your needs

Our resources are carefully curated to the needs of people of colour who often struggle with a clash of values.


Committed to shifting perspectives and attitudes

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The why behind the work?

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Since coming out in 2016, Hasina’s focus has been making the lives of other LGBTQ2+ people easier, by empowering and validating others; and sharing her personal lived experience. She strongly believes that there is enough space for everyone to belong in this world. 


01. Focus

My advocacy work focuses on the gaps in knowledge I experienced while hiding my own sexual orientation.


02. Role Model

I didn’t see bisexual people of colour or LGBTQ2+ people of colour so I became that positive role model.


03. Knowledge

I faced many hurtful comments from others related to my sexual orientation primarily based on ignorance, fears and lack of information. I became a myth busting machine and a truth teller on what it really means to own your sexual orientation.


04. Knowledge

I saw people of colour folks who had no information about what it means to embrace and support their loved ones sexual orientation. I became that resource with the recognition that people of colour play a critical role in embracing those in their communities who identify differently. 


Speaking gigs

including at 2019 Global Human Rights Conference in NYC to honor 50 years since the Stonewall Riots and one to audience of over 600 people.


Chai and Chat interview series

Including one with the first Special Advisor to Prime Minister of Canada on LGBTQ2 Issues.


Major roles

in advising large institutions on how to be inclusive towards traditionally marginalized groups.


Giving readers something to talk about.

Real conversations on a variety of topics such as supporting your LGBTQ2+ loved one, complexities faced by LGBTQ2+ folks, forms of discrimination (within the people of colour community and outside), and how to be an empowered compassionate human.