I See You Bisexual People of Colour

I see you bisexual people of colour. I see you boldly figuring out who you really are.

I see you feeling ‘othered’ and misunderstood on the daily in most spheres of life.

I see you creating a space within the LGBTQ2 community and general society.

I see my bisexual people of colour being accepted in some countries of residence, not accepted in most major religions and invisible in ethnic communities. I honour you for your courage to detangle these conflicting views/values and figuring out where you belong.

I see you navigating through the mess of figuring out if you can be bisexual and religious or bisexual and spiritual or something else. It’s an inner turmoil that creates immense noise in your inner world and one with no how to guide.

I see you feeling the hurt because your loved ones ignore your bisexuality and treat you like you are straight.

I see you rising above the statements of ‘ I am ashamed of you’, ‘Hide your sexuality’, ‘Why can’t you pick a side’, ‘You can be a bisexual in the house, but not in your community, ‘bisexuals are so promiscuous’. I see you taking the hurt to fuel your acts of courage.

I see you figuring out a way to be you beyond the fear of having severe consequences placed against you or your family because of ignorance.

I see you creating safe spaces in your world where you can simply be a you.

I see you creating a tribe where you can openly share what you are going through and seek support from those you love you.

I see you having courageous conversations with those you love to help them understand what it means to a bisexual beyond the myths and the gender duality. And yes, not all the conversations are rainbows and unicorns, but often filled with tears and hurt.

In the end, we’re like everyone else wanting to be loved, wanting a place to belong, wanting to be seen and wanting to be heard.

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