Parent’s Perspective: How to Support Your Child’s Journey of Becoming Themselves

Most parents want to see their kids happy, fulfilled and thriving in life. Sometimes that vision gets a bit complex when their child identifies as LGBTQ2+.

It’s not that parents don’t want to love and support their kids, but it’s more about not having information customized to the needs of parents of colour, having homosexuality being a taboo topic that doesn’t get spoken about in public in communities of colour resulting in parents not knowing other parents of colour who share the same struggles.

Watch this Chai and Chat session where I talked with my dad, Dr. Noorallah Juma who is the author of and Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta, about how his coming out journey once he found out I identified as a bisexual.

He’ll got super real about:

? the fears he faced as a father and how he moved through them

? outlined the steps he took to become more informed, and

? discuss how he supported me and navigated difficult conversations.

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