Along my journey of embracing my own sexual orientation, I noticed there was a lack of resources that catered to the context of bisexual people of colour which typically includes the intersection of culture, religion and sexual orientation.

Since homosexuality is extremely taboo in communities of colour and most religions, individuals especially family members don’t have the necessary information to support their loved one who identifies as LGBTQ2. In some cases, an individual’s sexual orientation become an issue that tears families apart.

On this page, you’ll find a series of topical infographics that are not only helpful to bisexual people of colour and their families, but also LGBTQ2 people of colour and allies. The information is also customized to the people of colour context. Examples of some infographics include:

    • Coming Out Process for LGBTQ2 Individuals –  The infographic outlines the 11 steps to coming out and explains the emotions felt at each stage. The document is useful to individuals hiding their sexual orientation to help them understand the coming out process, but also to heterosexual allies and family members who are not aware of the complexities of the process.
    • LGBTQ2 Cheat Sheet 101 – I’ve noticed that many Canadian South Asians aren’t familiar with what the LGBTQ2 acronym stands for and are confused by what words to use when talking about sexuality. In this infographic, I provide definitions for what each letter of the LGBTQ2 acronym stands for and provide a list of 15 introductory words.

You’ll also find a list of useful third party websites that provide information and/or supports in a variety of areas.