Love Reconnected Course


A 6 week online course to gain courage, confidence and freedom to reconnect with a loved one who is hard to connect with due to a difference in sexual orientation/identity.

This course is taught by a same-sex couple who have personal lived experience in blending culture, religion and sexuality within different family systems; individually and together.

Gaining resilience, wisdom, support, education, tangible tools, strategies, along with the support of a group over the course of 8 weeks (6 weeks of in-person live sessions). Practiced activities will help build the confidence in order to take the steps toward reconnection.

What if your loved one is not ready to connect?  No problem! Deepen the connection with yourself, and with others who may appear to be different.

Creating safety and confidentiality are a must; we uphold this sacred value. 

It is not required that you come as a pair! Come as an individual with an intention to connect!

Come experience the magic of the program in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

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