How do I connect with someone who is SO different ?!

A 6 week online course to gain courage, confidence and freedom to reconnect with a loved one who is hard to connect with due to a difference in sexual orientation/identity.

This course is taught by a same-sex couple who have personal lived experience in blending culture, religion and sexuality within different family systems; individually and together.

Gaining resilience, wisdom, support, education, tangible tools, strategies, along with the support of a group over the course of 8 weeks (6 weeks of in-person live sessions). Practiced activities will help build the confidence in order to take the steps toward reconnection.

What if your loved one is not ready to connect?  No problem! Deepen the connection with yourself, and with others who may appear to be different.

Creating safety and confidentiality are a must; we uphold this sacred value. 

It is not required that you come as a pair! Come as an individual with an intention to connect!

Come experience the magic of the program in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

Main themes

Set and Achieve Goals

Dive Deep into Belief Systems

Impact of Conflicting Belief Systems

Stepping Beyond Fears

Courageous Conversations

Resilience + Play

Your Coaches

Hasina Juma

Hasina Juma MA

Hasina Juma Consulting
LGBTQ2+ POC Advocate. Passionate about providing resources and education catered to the POC perspective. Focused on bridging the gap of understanding between heterosexual and LGBTQ2+ POC.

Carmella Wallace BA Psych

Sacred Warrior Counselling and Coaching
Empowerment and Resilience Coach. Believing in the power within to overcome all odds. Shining the light on the darkness so others can see the way.

More About Hasina

Connection has always been a big part of my life and it was a beautiful blend of identities (Canadian, East African/South Asian and Ismaili Muslim). It brings me a sense of safety and belonging in my world. It’s also something that energizes me! Whether it was laughing and bonding at large family dinners, attending musical nights with my former religion or catching up with friends at social gatherings it all brought such joy into my life.

A large part of my journey is related to accepting my sexual orientation in an environment where there are conflicting beliefs around homosexuality (Canadian society, Ismaili Muslim faith and East African/South Asian culture). This inner conflict meant that I wasn’t myself for over 10 years of my life. It meant that connections in my life were based on me conforming to be liked, and loved.

A ground-breaking shift didn’t happen until I started the journey to bravely accept my sexual orientation in 2015. Ripple effects continued when in 2016 I came out to my family (immediate and extended). To my surprise, the experience was relatively positive. YES, I ONLY CAME OUT 4 YEARS AGO!!

Discovering who I really was exciting, but daunting at the same time. It required me to connect with others in a new way. This new way showing up as myself, believing in my own belief system even though it may be different than others and making difficult choices between who I am or showing up in spaces where I dim my light. It’s been a gruelling process, but one that’s brought profound peace and joy in my life.

For some of my immediate family members, they’ve gone through their own process of acceptance. A process of shifting from not really knowing anything about sexual orientation or the LGBTQ2+ community to educating themselves and being more aware.  For me it was also a process of understanding and being comfortable with their perspective. Through many courageous conversations we’ve come to hear each other, learn from each other and find ways to move forward.

Today, I stand tall in who I am and in my beliefs. I am more myself today than ever before. My connections in the various spheres of my world are far from perfect, and that’s okay. What matters to me is having the courage to make choices that feel true to me even though they may not feel right to others.

More About Carmella

I came out as a lesbian in 2008. It was a very precarious time for me as I knew I was on an unknown journey, and I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I was 27. I knew I was not straight for over a decade, but being from a conservative, multi-religious (Jewish, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist), multicultural (predominantly Scottish-Irish, Polish-Ukrainian, Metis (Chippewa), very large blended family of boys(8), I was living in terror of being fully me. 

It came to the time where I NEEDED to make the decision. The decision was to either live in misery and have a double life, or be authentic and true to myself. I was leaving a opposite – sexed marriage, and I had two young children. My two young children, one just a baby, were my driving force to be fully authentic and to model the way of what it looks like to follow your dreams

Letting go of massive expectations from others; culture, society and family, I embarked on a journey of enormous self-discovery, education and healing. Learning how to show up and be totally me, even in front of the people who didn’t fully accept me. 

In this process, I also learned that my family members were going through their own process of coming out, with a child or sibling who was not straight. Witnessing this process, allowed me to have more compassion for others and allowed them to have their own unfolding at their time. 

Fast forward a decade and I meet my now fiance, Hasina. That incredible woman up there in that picture !! The moment we met, I knew we would be helping others together, as a team. We are two heart centred women who blend different perspectives, religions, ethnicities and sexual orientations into our work, and our relationship.

We have come to share with you, our secret sauce in connecting with those who are perceived to be different.

This course includes:

Two Knowledge Powerhouses

Over 40 years of combined life experience & education.

Group Calls

6 weekly group calls on Zoom (90 minutes each). Calls take place from 7:00 pm to 8:30 p.m. (MST)

Free Coaching Call

A personal coaching session with Hasina & Carmella on a date of your choice based on availability.

Support System

A support group and buddy work over the course to increase connection, support and healing. Opportunity for some connection over the Christmas break through a private online group.

Confidentiality is held and expected.

Creative and Meaningful Course Work

Reflection & Empowerment course work and materials.

Who shouldn't sign up
for the course?

  • LGBTQ2+ folks who have fully embraced their sexual orientation and have connections in their lives (e.g. with family and community).
  • Folks who are not interested in reconnecting with family members or communities. 

How can this course help you?


Feel more confident in hearing someone who appears to be different and have the resolve to move forward.


Bridge the gap of understanding between perceived opposites with knowledge and tools.


Create a deeper authentic connection between heterosexual and LGBTQ2+ folks.

Low introductory pricing until January 13, 2021.
Love Reconnected
A value of over $2500.00.
Group calls on Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 10, Feb 17 and Feb 24.