Keynote address at 2018 Alberta GSA Conference –  Leveling up your GSA Game

On November 17, 2018, Hasina delivered a powerful and inspirational keynote address to an audience of over 600 students, educators and community leaders at the 2018 Alberta GSA (Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Alliances) Conference.

She spoke passionately about how Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools can amplify the impact of their school’s GSA by catering to the needs of LGBTQ2+ people of colour, a group that is just now gaining visibility in society and in the LGBTQ2+ community.

Drawing from Hasina’s advocacy work and her lived experience as bisexual person of colour, she shared 7 concrete strategies that can be used by students, educators and parents to support the needs of LGBTQ2+ people of colour who are not frequently accessing the resources of the GSA clubs. The beautiful thing about these 7 principles is that they can also be used by communities of colour, religious groups, businesses and organizations.

Hasina got real about the difficulties in being yourself when as a LGBTQ2+ person of colour she is accepted in Alberta, but not in her ethnic and religious communities. She described her journey from being in the depths of darkness to thriving in life. Her secret as her partner said is, “slaying the monsters with the sword of truth, love and compassion”.

Download the 7 strategies

Video recorded and edited by PlanIt Sound.