Does Bisexuality Mean You’re Promiscuous, Confused or in a Phase?

Since I’ve come out in 2016, I’ve got a lot of questions on what it means to be bisexual. I believe there are a lot of myths and confusion on the topic so here’s my two cents on it.

What’s the definition of being a bisexual?

A bisexual is an individual who is attracted romantically to another individual’s soul and not their gender.

In general terms it also means there’s a certain percentage of you that is attracted to one gender and another percentage that is attracted to another gender (see image to the right). So right now if you asked me if I had a dating preference, I’d say I’m more interested in women, but if I saw an amazing guy I wouldn’t turn him down.

So does this mean that you date more than 1 person at at time?

No. When we are in a relationship with an individual, we are fully committed like any other heterosexual relationship. When you love someone at a soul level, there is no need to date someone else.

Can your preference of wanting to date people change over time?

My personal answer is yes. Right now I’m more interested in woman, but maybe 3 years from now that changes and I’d like to date men. Sexuality is fluid.

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