Living Boldly by Embracing my Sexuality: Celebrating Being Openly Bisexual for a Year

December 19, 2016 is a day that I will never forget in my life. This is a day are as important as big as my birthday. Why? This is the day that I came out about my sexual orientation to my extended family and friends.

Another day which is equally as important is January 27, 2016.This is the day that I came out to my immediate family.

December 19, 2016 is a day where my life was no longer dark because I was able to whole heartedly embrace my sexuality. I was stepping into the light and living a life with colour.



It’s day where I felt the shackles of pretending to be heterosexual come off and I felt the freedom of simply being me.

It’s a day where I showed myself how much I love myself.

It’s a day where I told myself who you are matters, you are beautiful and there is no need to hide it.

It’s a day when I believed in my heart that being different was my strength and not a weakness.

It’s a day where my relationships with family were re-built on an honest foundation where I fully showed up as me instead of hiding parts of me.

It’s a day where I could start living a life based on things that make my heart sing and be open to share it with those that matters. This includes talking about my life, my dreams, and my hopes as heterosexuals do on the daily.

It’s a day where I could start dating a man or a women openly and not fear that someone would see me and my partner and tell my immediate or extended family members.

It’s a day where my ability to love an individual is based on the connection I have and is a gift I bring into a world that is currently so fractured.

It’s a day when individuals joked with me and asked why I haven’t found a boyfriend, I could now correct individuals and request them to use the word ‘partner’ instead of ‘boyfriend’ which has the assumption that I’m heterosexual.

It’s a day where I am became a beacon of light to those who are still in the closet and be a support for these individuals.


We live in a world where rules and structures are favored towards heterosexuals and if you are different you need to create some space where you can be true to yourself. The alternative is pretending to be someone who you are not, and after doing that for decades I can tell you it’s painful.

Coming out requires one to believe in their heart that who they really are matters and it is safe to show this deeply personal part of themselves to people that are close to you. It’s a matter of being able to be yourself in all spheres of your life, living an open life and loving who want without being judged, feared of being different, shunned or questioned. This is a privilege that heterosexuals have on the daily. Coming out requires an immense amount of courage and faith in ones self. It requires one to overcome the shame and guilt of being different and transform that into unshakeable self love. It’s for these reasons that I celebrate my coming out.

And yes wish is that one day we will live in a society where coming out is not necessary because everyone will be accepted for who they are. With this way of living, we won’t need to celebrate our coming out days. Unfortunately, we are not there yet.

If you know someone who is courageously embodying who they are, take a moment to honour them.

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